What if they laugh at me?....first speaking blunder.

What if they laugh at me?....first speaking blunder.

For all my leaders and entrepreneurs out there, if you feel a tremendous amount of stress when you're about to speak to people in public than you need this.

These real lives example may help you in meetings, delivering a presentation, running a workshop, delivering a seminar and of course speaking in front of any group size.

Speaking in front of people can be the most terrifying thing in the world but it's not going to kill you if you attempt it. The first thing I always say to people:

before you speak, become a student that means put yourself in the audience’s seat.

My first speaking experience and biggest blunder. Don´t laugh (okay just a bit then)

if I told you that my first ever professional speaking experience was a bit of a disaster, you'd probably never believe me. This is really what happened:

It was back in Catford London, I was 21 or 22, I was in my first training job(Employment Trainer)and I had to speak in front of a group of young people, who were about the same age as me. It was so terrifying because they were my peers.  Even though, we were the same age, 18-25. I had more knowledge and I was trained to help them find work.  Despite the fact, that I was more trained, having to do this presentation was nerve-racking. I could feel the tension in the room; they weren't happy to be here. I came in all suited and booted, ready to rumble. I had small talk with them, asked them questions, cracked a few jokes and was moving around, waving my hands to express my message. For a minute everything seemed to go well, so I thought.  Not realising that all this gymnastics, I was doing, with my hands would bring a little breeze running through my chest area, I continued as normal. As I came out of the room, two boys in the corner looked at me, as though captivated by my speech and were staring at me with almost mouths and eyes wide open. I took it as a positive sign that I had succeeded. I felt really proud of myself, I actually touched these young people's lives and they were on my side. Little did I know it was much worse.  As I walked out the room, my colleague followed with one of those ¨Oh no¨ faces. That´s when he said;

Mathy your shirt was open

You can imagine the terror and embarrassment that I felt. I played that whole video of my presentation in my head and now I began to question; ¨were my clients laughing with me or at me?¨

I  understand that most people are afraid of what people will say about them,

  • what if they laugh,

  • What if I sound funny

  • What if my voice breaks

  • and what if I forget my words.

  • you continue speaking when your shirt button or trouser zip is undone.

In some cultures, people will laugh at your accents when you're learning a new language. If your peers are learning just the same subject as you, they may possibly make fun of you, even if their accent is worse than yours. Don't let that stop you.

This is what I would advise;

  1. Prepare for all your speeches and presentation and training by writing what you're going to say. There is nothing worse than a great speaker who is unprepared. The stress is just not worth the effort.

  2. Recording yourself helps you to assess your progress. It's the equivalent of a before and after photo when you're trying to lose weight

  3. finally Listening to yourself on a repeated. Repetition seals the memory it's the same effect that vanilla essence has in cakes. It makes it taste good.

I know I know I know, it's the script and it may sound cliché but in all honesty that is the best way for you to start getting comfortable with hearing the sound of your own voice. And getting more confidence.

One final point- Find a new tribe

you might want to stop listening to your friends who keep telling you that you sound funny, foolish and that you are terrible.  You may want to look for another community of people who can be encouraging and extremely forthcoming.  

So here's the tool; claim your gift here

This method will will help you improve your memory, the sound of your voice, increase your confidence to speak in front of people and help you practice on your own for those future Tedtalk,pitches, meetings, delivering a presentation, running a workshop, delivering a seminar and of course speaking in front of any group size.

How I know this works

I had a client who had the same exact problem. She was a director who was learning english and she had issues with speaking in front of her peers and presenting in meetings. After we started practicing this technique, her presentation become became much more fluent. She became more confident and even surprised herself. So here it is, go claim it underneath the video it's in link

To master your story, improve your connection with your audience and be an excellent communicator, please join me on the 5th of February when I'll be doing a Facebook live training and show you how you can become more connected to your audience. 


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BYE!!!! xoxo

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Perfect Communication is it perfect?

Perfect Communication is it perfect?

What if it doesn't work?

What if it doesn't work?