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Hey Beautiful

I'm personally creating and curating this FREE mastermind group with you in mind. It´s a support group for female leaders, managers, directors and entrepreneurs who want to confidently connect with their crowds.  

The pain of not speaking my truth

So here's the truth, even though I had been training, speaking and delivering workshops for years, I had a hard time identifying myself as a speaker. I almost didn't start my youtube channel because I was terrified to speak in front of the camera.

I declined several offers to do a Ted talk. I was losing clients because I anxiously refused to use my natural ability to speak, pitch or sale. I felt inadequate because I knew I could do it but I didn't believe in myself. I constantly compared myself, my accents, my bank account. I wanted to sound professional and corporate. I failed to launch my opportunities to become a paid speaker. This was eating me-up because I had been speaking for so many years, in many different capacities, but I couldn't formulate my expertise into a story that captured my crowd. Maybe it's the same for you:

I know how terrifiying it can be:

+ That pain of knowing that you have it, but believing you're not  good enough.

+ The tremendous amount of blockage you feel just before you´re about to speak.

+ Declining to speak at events, or seminars which could bring big opportunities.

+ Losing clients because you were sweating with anxiety and came accross inadequate. 

+ Not getting that job because you failled to do well at an interview

+Not getting that raise because you failled to demonstrate your personality and what you´ve accomplished in your professional career.

+ Desperatily wanting to capture your audience but not knowing how to share a story that fits their needs.

+Knowing that people are on their phone because they´ve disconnected from your talk.

+ Losing your trail of thoughts in meetings.

+ Embarrassed by the sound of your voice because you may have an accent or your tone lacks variation.

+ The feeling that others will always be 10 times better than you because of experience and because English may not be your first language. 

Yes, I've been there.


So who it´s for: 

It´s for women who are confident but  are not natural speakers.

  • Those who struggle with presentations, meetings, talks, seminars and storytelling.

  • These women love travelling, consider themselves a citizen of the world, internationals at heart.

  • They are open, continuously learning, evolving, and consciously growing individuals.

  • And they are always reinventing themselves.

You see, just like flowers every woman needs good soil, water and a place to grow.

What will it do?

This community will help you:

  1. Overcome the terror of speaking in public,

  2. The awkwardness of communication,

  3. Lack of confidence in your speech ,

  4. Allow you to tap into your uniqueness

  5. To captivate your audience

  6. Help you connect with a crowd.

Provide you with:

  1. Accountability- to step out into action

  2. Learning a speaking resources that works with you

  3. Brainstorming for your presentations

  4. Practice and getting comfortable with your voice

  5. Coaching preparation for that big talk.

Making you sharper in your business and in your personal skills

Let me tell you a story.....

And why I strongly believe in the power of women coming together

Three women greatly influence me in the last 7 years before and during Entrepreneurship; Jacqui, Edwina, Genevieve,

  • One helped me during my lowest darkest period to help me find myself. When I was scared and hiding under the bed because I failed and wasn't making money in my business.

  • One, helped me when I gave up on my business brand.

  • 2 of them encouraged and prayed with me everyday, at 6 am for almost 30 days to get clarity around my life.

  • The other one pushed me to write my 1st book

  • Another one pushes me through my business daily, challenges my laziness procrastination and doubt ferociously.

  • Finally one even pushed me to do my Tedtalk 2012

These ladies are about the same age as me, business women, directors, entrepreneur, determined and goal driven. They believed in me, from my highest to my lowest point. They see my strength and my blind spots. They are not afraid to pull me aside and tell me about myself. They do this in love, not in envy or anger.

They have not only become my friends but my cheerleaders, partners, angels, collaborator and sisters. And if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have the courage to take a leap a faith and boldly start this mastermind. I realized that they have been fueling my motivation more than I could have asked. I have many more of these type of  awesome relationships which I will share another time.

Have you ever heard this saying:

We are the sum of all people we have ever met; we change our tribe and our tribe changes us. Dirk Wittenborn.

Stories are powerful enough to inspire, pure enough to heal, and strong enough to transform others. I will be personally curating  this group with all my years of speaking and training. So if this is you, then jump in.

We start with a 7 day FREE video training, on the 5th-11th of Feb 2018

8pm CET, FR | 7pm GMT, UK | 1pm EST, US


Much Love,

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