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The guide for female leaders who want to connect with their crowd

I was once terrified of doing a Ted talk, even though I believed in my ability to speak. I just couldn't see myself as Ted talk material. It was for the big players; Tony Robins, Ken Robinson, Thandie Newton. I wasn't one of them. I was just a little business start up trying to make it. It took my friend Vicky to remind me several times before I could attempt. In my first year of entrepreneurship, (when I was a tiny player) I manage to accomplished my first Ted talk.

I know how terrified you are of speaking in public and the pain of not being good enough. I've been there.

In this guide - For female leaders who want to connect with their crowd, I will share a method that has helped me improve the sound of my voice, overcome the terror of speaking in public, The awkwardness of communication, lack of confidence in my speech and will allow you to, develop uniqueness that makes you connect with  your crowd.

    "Your mind can only take you as far as you want it to be."

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