Perfect Communication is it perfect?

Perfect Communication is it perfect?

Does your communication have to be perfect to perfection your speech? No, it doesn't.

4 days ago I was seating down in front of the camera, red puffy eyes, and coughing after having had an asthmatic cold. Thinking to myself, "I really don't want to post this video right now. I look like crap, I'm not at my best and it's important for me to look the part". But after reconsidering my moto for the last year of "done is better than perfect", I had to reconsider.

I'm always telling my audience "be authentic" and what better way to be authentic than to show up on my worse day. Even on a day when you have a cold, and it is absolutely hard to do this. But I am committed to this journey and I want you guys to experience the level of authenticity that is real.

So just imagine that like my clients, who are shy leaders the level of intimidation they feel when they know they could do this. They have a ton of experience, they're competent, they have a ton of things to say but are too afraid to say it because maybe, just maybe they won't sound as great, or as authentic as their CVs and LinkedIn profiles. And they ask themselves: do I have to sound perfect, does my presentation have to be on point before I can really inspire others to work with me?

You may be saying the same thing to yourself right now; I can't make my first presentation or speech or speak in front of a camera because it has to match my level of competence and expertise. I have to sound perfect. Did you know however that perfection is and might be your biggest enemy? Just like an artist who waits for the perfect timing, the right inspiration, or keep refuses to release their art because of the wrong stoke.

Here's the truth about perfect communication, it is the killer of dreams and the vacuum of action. Perfection might make you feel even more nervous than when you first realized you wanted to do it. It will stop you from actually doing it. People are inspired to work with people who are absolutely present (see my last post). Who believe their ability to deliver the message is more than their natural ability to speak. Believe in their one word.

Perfect communication is not perfect, in fact, it is flawed. The more flaws you have the more variety and memorability you create in your audience's mind and the curiosity of what's around the corner. Sometimes the best thing to do is being imperfect. 

Focus on these 4 things

  1. What is your One word that allows you to be present (The one word is the real you that shows up in the most challenging experience and helps you to be your boldest self? It connects you to personal inner strength and powers your current situation to speak)? My word is INSPIRATIONAL what's yours?

  2. Let your body shape your mind- 2 min expansion or regular power pose exercise will increase your testosterone and decrease your cortisol, helping you to be effective in communicating your message.

  3. Only compete with yourself. Stop focussing on what people will see or say about you

  4. Show up even when you don't feel like it.

The more you fight with the perfection, the more imperfect you will deliver but the more you embrace your imperfection the more authentic and perfect you will be for that exact moment.

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What if they laugh at me?....first speaking blunder.

What if they laugh at me?....first speaking blunder.