We haven't spoken in.... ages

We haven't spoken in.... ages


Hello, and good morning beautiful! So, we haven't spoken in ages..

If you are seeing this post or video, I am messaging you to ask you this important question how did we meet? I realised whilst going through my list, the other day, that I haven't spoken to you in ages.

We've probably met a networking event or, on the streets or, on Facebook or in the toilets( that happens me quite a lot). So haven't you been in this sort of situation when you've picked up someone's business card, you've exchanged numbers, and you meant to call them but you forgot or you never called them back. Put your hand up if that's you? 

The struggle is real.......

I don't know about you..... but every time I want to get in touch with someone I haven't spoken to in ages; I get all sweaty, I feel sick in my stomach, panic overcomes me, just plain awkward. It's worst than speaking in public for the first time. The feeling attached is usually connected to shame, guilt and disappointment in my case. I've really let this person down.  Maybe I'm not alone in this?

Hang on a min.......you too!?

So first of all, I just want to say; I am so so sorry for not being in touch with you. I can be a very poor and forgetful and scared human being. The truth is I suffer from this illness called;

“Oh my god I forgot to get in touch with this person”.

Then what I do is; I just put it off for the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.  So guess what? By the end of that period, we've got to a year, two years, three years and I haven't got back in touch with you.

You're even probably wondering who the hell is this crazy chick? It's okay, I don't blame you for hating me, for probably forgetting who I am.  So let me just re-introduce myself; "my name is Mathy. I am a coach and a speaker. When I probably met you, I was under the business brand called Whathejobisthis but now I'm doing something different. Mainly focusing on working with leaders who want to master their story and embrace their calling, under my own name Mathy Lisika-Minsende. That's a milestone!!

My first challenge of the year ...... reconnecting

The other thing is, my business coach challenged me this year to reconnect with people by contacting my old contact list and find out; "how did we meet?". Also to keep in touch with them.  You can imagine the panic and stress that I was feeling for 2018.... right? So I'm going to ask you this really important question: 

“would it be okay if I stayed in touch with you? Can we be friends again please?

Alright, guys enough of the jokes.......

reconnecting is not easy but if you've ever been in the situation where you've met someone, taken their details and you haven't contacted them back and you try to stay in touch with them, please leave your remedies and your anecdotes on how you stay in touch with people. God knows I need it! This year I would really like to improve my email communication and I really could do with your help. If you do decide to leave me some advice, tips, and remedies; I will put it together in a Free cheat-sheet for all the other people who struggle from;

“Oh my god I forgot to get in touch with this person”

If you still want to stay in touch (because this is a really short message), all you have to do is; simply reply to this email or leave a comment on the blog or underneath the video. If not, it's perfectly okay to unsubscribe. I'll always remember you and will completely understand.

In the meantime feel free to message me back or leave a comment and tell me how did we meet it? It was probably in the toilet. L0L


See you  soon

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