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Hey Beautiful

Are you a female leader, manager, director or entrepreneur?

  • Confident in yourself but not in your natural speaking ability
  • Want to talk like a Ted speaker
  • Stand-out when you deliver at work meeting
  • Captivate your audience with delicious storytelling
  • Present like Oprah Winfrey
  • And ace that job interview like your first name is Obama

I know how terrified you are of speaking in public and the pain of not being good enough. I've been there.

For Me

I once did not believe I could do a Tedtalk, until my friend Vicky pushed me to do one. For almost 6 month she had seen me speak in public and told me that she believed I could do a Tedtalk. But I doubted her time and time again. Until one day after delivering a keynote at a conference in London she said. “Mathy, you need to do a Tedtalk” That’s when I realised she was right. This really is true. Vicky changed me. If it wasn’t for people like her, I wouldn’t even have the gut to curate and create this group

We are the sum of all people we have ever met; we change our tribe and our tribe changes us. Dirk Wittenborn.

This community will help you overcome the terror of speaking in public, The awkwardness of communication, lack of confidence in your speech and will allow you to, develop uniqueness that makes you connect with crowd. This community will provide you with the accountability, learning, brainstorming, a place to practice and  coaching. Making you sharper in your business and in your personal skills.Every flower needs the right place to grow blossom.

See you soon

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